What Happens To Your Waste?
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What happens post collection?

Wherever possible we choose the most eco-friendly option. Your collection teams load waste according to the items re-use / recycling properties. Eventually there are three destinations for your old items.


This is the most eco-friendly option. Typical items that can be re-used are household and office furniture and clothes. Good condition items are taken to charities.


recycling This is the next most eco-friendly option. The list below includes all items which can be recycled, there are many others but these are the main items we collect on a regular basis which are recycled:


In circumstances where your items cannot be recycled or re-used then they are sent to landfill. We only ever use landfill sites that are fully licensed. This is the last resort and we always look at ways in which we can recycle or re-use the items we collect. Sending items to landfill is also the most expensive method of disposal for us so we are financially incentivised to look for more eco-friendly methods of disposal.

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I recently used yes waste to help clear my grandfathers' house, the service was excellent and I wouldn't hesitate to use them again
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